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Sorry, folks, I have to get that rant off my chest.

First, read this press release from the Conservatives (UK): David Cameron to call for extension in copyright term. Then let me summarize it, as I read it:

“We all agree that you poor music industry loose millions of pounds due to illegal downloading.” — ignoring that the people sharing online obviously see it as the online way of borrowing a CD from a friend.

“We want to give you more and better copyright protection.” — so you can generate more revenue and pay more taxes.

“But in return we want you … to censor antisocial music? — no: to show leadership!” — as long as it shows the same effetcs.

Copyright extension embedded in such words has nothing to do with authors rights. Authors rights are human rights, and the declaration of human rights is based on the belief that humans should be free. Copyright extension sensu David Cameron is brain control using the power and mechanisms of the media industry. And this, eventually, constitutes a breach of human rights.

This is not the kind of copyright we want to be fighting for! And it is not the kind of political support we are keen to get either.