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“I’ve always wanted publishers and organized crime to swap.” This strapline caught my eyes this morning when I was combing through my already spam-stripped inbox. Some semi-intelligent robot out there on the net must have picked it up in order to fulfill one of my requests for up-to-date knowledge. (Yes, I admit, I am interested in organized crime).

But what it brought up today is a completely different story. It’s the musings of Dusk Peterson, fiction writer, history writer, editor and journalist, on the not-so-delightful world of e-book publishing.

I spent nearly four hours researching whether I should make my online fiction available in e-book form at While I’m still not sure whether anyone would actually buy my stories – I wouldn’t buy an electronic text if it was available for free – I decided to go ahead and try the experiment. It can’t hurt. At this stage, even a couple of extra dollars would help.

However, set-up fees, buying ISBNs — “which is more money than I’ve earned annually since 1992″ — and the time (and nerves) spent on preparing the cover art make this experiment a rather serious experience. Is this the brave new world of self-determined, self-controled, self-publishing authors?