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ACC announces the immediate closure of the Lemon Tree

“{ACC Resources Management} Committee members agreed unanimously that the venue should be offered the chance to take out a loan from the City Council-administered Aberdeen Business Enterprise Scheme (ABES) – or The Lemon Tree could have its overdraft facility underwritten up to a reasonable new limit by the City Council.Neither option was taken up by The Lemon Tree’s board.”     

And the Lemon Tree Website is just a bunch of nested emtpy folders….  lt-dead.png  

The Lemon Tree board had good reasons not to take up ACC offers, as comments at the Scotsman website reveal: each of the board members would have to “personally put up a guarantee of £25k from their own pockets” in order to accept that generous offer from Aberdeen City Council…

Same tune, maybe, but on another note: Plans for Aberdeen Arts Centre were rubber-stamped by city councillors yesterday, the P&J reports