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Four Scottish Socialist MSPs have been banned from parliament for the month of September. The reason: They marched to the front of the chamber with posters: “Defend Democracy”. They demanded the the right to protest at Gleneagles.

All the Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer could do was suspending the sitting and suspending the group.

This is what the people in power call “Democracy” in Scotland — and throughout the UK.

In fact it is making the Scottish Parliament even more UN-democratic than it was in the first place — a bunch of capitalist, imperialist, nationalist particular-interest-mongers, without a sense of humor, without a feeling for the silent and oppressed minorities in this country — and in fact the majority who will protest against this sort of Holyrod wannabe grown-ups and their G8 establishment.

(Via BBC NEWS | Scotland | MSPs suspended after G8 protest and Scotsman: Four Socialist MSPs ejected from Holyrood after protest.)