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As airlines start bullying airtraffic controllers, eurocontrol becomes defiant on twitter: “For clarification: we do not take decisions as to whether to open/close airspace. Decision made by national authorities in each country” and “We’re responsible for ensuring that all involved, including airlines and ANSPs are then aware of decisions made by national authorities”.

Dutch KLM chiefs Peter Hartman and Ype de Haan believe, “there is no reason to suspect that anything is amiss.” Hear, hear, … so losing the odd plane might be cheaper for them than the virtual loss of 3.4 % in share prices?

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the ash cloud has been measured and preliminary results are made public (including visualisations of original data). Pilots should now that their on-board radar does not pick up volcanic ash (otherwise they might re-check this instructional video produced by

PS: reports on a “near miss” of Ural Airlines trying to fly below the ashcloud and having to emergency land due to low fuel on (illegally?) open Vienna airport.