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Senior Project Manager at Waag Society Amsterdam :: 2007-present :: see my page there

Campaign management, research for the European Writers’ Congress, Brussels (B) — “Texts Don’t Grow On Trees! – Authors’ Rights Awareness Campaign” – :: 2006-2008

Producer and vice-chair for the SoundAsArt conference in Aberdeen by urbanNovember :: 2006

Advisory role for “”, a Virtual Library as a European forum for books funded by the European Commission, Culture 2000 (Cultural Area: Books, Reading & Translation). – by P&S Melk :: 2005-2008

Producer for Oil and the City (pilot 2005): an evidence-based arts project investigating the influence of the oil industry on Aberdeen through video/documentary, soundart, and exploring living without petrochemicals; by urbanNovember :: 2005

Curator for the support programme of “Roaring Dreams”, a play on Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne experiments (Harvard and Chicago, 1927-32) by zusammenstoss – :: 2005

Producer for “Aberdeen Urban Atlas”: an un-curated group exhibition by urbanNovember :: 2004

Technical realisation of various live Internet projects / performances by zusammenstoss :: Literarische Ostern “surf > sample > manipulate”, a 3-day literature festival, Luzern (CH), on Literature and the Internet – (with Marc Amerika, Raymond Federman and others) :: online literature event at Literaturtage Solothurn (CH) :: Internet performance, Schlachthaus Bern (CH) :: 2001

Co-Curator for “Pilgern und Surfen” by p&s culture net, a series of week-end events discussing the effects of the digital era and the Internet on analogue arts and literature; sponsored by Migros Kulturprozent;
:: 1999-2004

Curator for the support programme of “für Liebe, Luxus, Leidenschaft”, a play on the theories of Charles Fourier (1772-1837) by zusammenstoss :: 1997

Secretary of Forum Freies Theater Luzern (Association of the fringe theatre companies in Central Switzerland), Luzern (CH) :: 1996-2000

Festival director (technical and commercial) for TheJAter, fringe theatre festival, Lucerne :: 1998

Technical and financial director, responsible for production of, lighting design for and general technical realisation (sound, light, set, props, effects) of 15 theatre and performance shows by zusammenstoss :: 1994-1998


1996, 2000 arts awards of the City and Canton of Lucerne