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Senior Consultant with Akronym GmbH
Uster, Switzerland (1997-present)

Acquiring and managing consultancy projects in the area of strategy development and implementation and market/business development for industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations;
Cluster management automotive suppliers: knowledge and technology transfer
Internal: market/business development, quality management, market-driven R&D projects, supervising junior consultants

Project Manager and Consultant at CIMREZ Technology Transfer Centre
Zurich, Switzerland (1995-1996)

Acquiring and managing consultancy and applied R&D projects in the field of industrial management and strategies and knowledge management

Project Manager with GEC Alsthom T&D AG (now Areva T&D)
Oberentfelden, Switzerland (1988-1995)

Managing internal strategic investment and change projects in manufacturing
International Marketing: Database and operations support (1988/89)

Member of the Board of Directors of AMIV-Verlag (student publisher), ETH
Zurich, Switzerland (1988-1993)

Financial management
Publishing programme management and sales strategy

Consultancy Assignments

IT and Knowledge Management :: Knowledge Management Systems, audits and advice on potential further developments, e.g. organisational change to improve knowledge sharing across functional barriers :: requirements of IT operations in the software developed phase, implementation of corresponding templates and a continuous improvement process according to ITIL :: Information strategy and corresponding information architecture of Internet presentations for public bodies
General Management :: “Management by objectives”, tiered management system based on the Balanced Scorecard approach :: analysing production planning, manufacturing and assembly processes and devising programmes for organisational change to establish process-oriented organisations :: developing concepts, strategies and business plans, particularly for public organisations and the voluntary sector
Organisational Development :: Transformation from a functional to a product and process oriented organisation through a programme of tiered organisational learning workshops and the development of an internal training and motivation programme :: establishing process-oriented organisations with particular focus on the management of customer specific product adaptations and sales support processes
Cluster Management :: Automotive suppliers cluster Switzerland, focus on innovation partnerships, technology transfer and research management


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