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According to BBC NEWS Killer-Copper Ian Blair said: “Despite everything that’s been said here, there is only one way to stop someone who is a suicide bomber which is to kill that person. Everything else allows the shot to go home but the bomb to go off. A Taser sends electric currents into the body of somebody, if there is a bomb on that body, then the bomb is going to go off. It may have been that they [officers in Birmingham] were clear there wasn’t a bomb. I don’t know what the situation was.”

This is “Sir” Ian stopping short of saying: “I would have shot him in the head, seven times; since revenge is mine, mine, mine; and I want to see blood, blood, blood… kill’em, kill’em, kill!”

In earlier days we used to say, only a dead copper is a good copper. These days this particular copper’s very mission seems to be: “Only a dead ethnic is a good ethnic”.