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Britain ‘needs stronger identity’: “Britain needs a stronger sense of national identity, Conservative leader Michael Howard tells the BBC.”

And indeed the Metropolitan Police is already working hard on building that new national identity: the kill-to-shoot-to-get-rid-of-innocent-people-policy. Leaked documents prove once more that Jean Charles de Menezes had turned from innocent to suicide-bomber in the blood-thirsty, gun-hungry minds of the “Metropolitan Police SO19 tactical firearms unit”.

The new national identity is therefore “code red” — shoot anybody you’d like to shoot, particularly if they are innocent. If shooting is not appropriate, deport them to countries where they are likely to be tortured.

If somebody sadly cannot be shot or deported because they are not sufficiently innocent, lock them up in detention centres (and of course give these centres a nice name) or in 24/7-surveilled gated communities. Tag everybody with an RFID-chip and track their movements wherever they go and whatever they do. Ideally develop and implement into every UK resident brain-tracker chips that monitor brain activity and report anything that is abnormal (i.e. not watching pay TV) to the respective SO19 unit to trigger code red, i.e. immediate terminal shooting.

It all has been described earlier and much more eloquently … by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. All that needs to be done is combining the best of both worlds into a strong, new, national, totalitarian identity: Britain 2005ff.

(Via BBC News.)