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Men are more intelligent than women, particularly if they are called Richard Lynn and emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University. And if they are white, since Richard Lynn chose to “prove” that white people are more intelligent than black people already a while ago. And his ridiculous claims are seconded by so far innocent Paul Irwing, senior lecturer in psychology at Manchester University.

This is certainly good news for Tony Blair and his totalitarian supporters. Or don’t you remember “scientists” in the 1930ies proving that the race of “Homo sapiens” emerged from natural selection and that it would quite be O.K. to support that selection actively (see also New Scientist, 20 Aug 05, pp. 34ff).

So there comes another building block for Britain 2005ff. freely delivered to your doorstep. Wait and see to what higher purpose they could put academia … just think of the animal testing laboratories, e.g.