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These are the facts reported:

  • de Menezes may not have jumped over a ticket barrier to escape his police pursuers, the guy jumping over the barrier was one of the killer-cops
  • Relatives living in London insist he was not wearing a bulky winter coat but a denim jacket (so they were told by the police)
  • police are *now* operating under orders not to challenge suicide bombers or identify themselves before firing a critical headshot, so most probably de Menezes was NOT aware that he was being pursued by police. Ian killer-copper Blair claims his officers had challenged de Menezes, which would have been against the *then* British police guidelines for dealing with suicide bombers. According to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) they state officers should “not attempt to approach, challenge and/or negotiate” with suspected bombers as this could be “likely to trigger denotation”.
  • the use of a Taser stun gun by West Midlands police on Wednesday during the arrest of Yasin Hassan Omar begs the question, could de Menezes have been brought down alive?

Conclusion: the real terrorists are not the ones following imagined orders of Osama bin Laden (who does not issue orders anyway), but the guys under the command of Ian killer-copper Blair.

Source: The Scotsman